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The Anti Aging Care For Women provides well researched information about health and wellness topics that matters to you. The information were all taken from credible and relevant source materials, authors, case studies, journals, and books. This website delivers engaging high quality information dedicated to helping women find the appropriate topic that could help maintain and promote a healthy lifespan. Since 2005, the Anti Aging Care For Women has been publishing anti aging skin care articles and skin nutrition articles. It has evolved from different domain names in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive and sought after health and beauty information. Today, the founder finally settled with this name, Anti Aging Care For Women because the main focus of the site is to reach out to women around the globe. The mission of this website is to provide the visitors significant amounts of information that could help improve the quality of life as well as extend life in the most natural affordable ways possible.



The Story Behind the Creation of the Anti Aging Care for Women Site

Shirley Bongbong’s interest in women’s health, anti aging dietary health supplements, aging skin care, beauty solutions, and cosmetics started when his father died of diabetes complications. She was fully convinced that there is a much better way to live life than spending it on bed and feeling the pain of your disease slowly eating you out day by day. The idea was to grow old gracefully with less wrinkles. As years went by, Shirley Bongbong discovered, through reading thousands of journals and books, that beauty actually means being healthy inside out. We are responsible for what we become today. The lack of knowledge and nutrition make us to what we are now. To be beautiful, we need to first sort out our health and immune system conditions. We cannot be beautiful through cosmetic surgery. Nutrition and physical exercise are the only ways ever presented to mankind, oftentimes sadly ignored by mankind, that could help us restore our youth, extend our lifetime, and live a good healthy lifespan.


Shirley used to say, “I do not want to get sick with any other diseases. The slipped discs is enough and even too much for me. I do not want to grow old ugly with deep lines and wrinkles. I can’t imagine myself that way. I want to grow old gracefully with peace of mind. I haven’t enjoyed life. I am always at the library before and now at home. I want to maintain my health and energy and at least experience what   life is outside my room.”





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