Use The Arbutin And Kojic Acid To Whiten Dark Underarms

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Skin whitening among Asian women has been increasingly becoming popular because it preserves self-esteem and prevents unattractive skin hyperpigmentation. The most effective chemical composition for skin bleaching is the Alpha Arbutin, which helps prevent the production of pigments. To whiten dark underarms, avoid whitening creams with Hydroquinone compounds because it has been associated with the development of cancer.


whiten-dark-underarms-300x180The Alpha Arbutin will stop the skin from developing an uneven dark tone. You can apply the Alpha Arbutin for your dark underarms to make it appear a bit lighter. The other natural underarm whitening is the Kojic Acid. This chemical is derived from fermenting rice. The Alpha Arbutin and the Kojic Acid are natural and safe to use for the treatment of your dark underarms.



Kojic Acid for skin underarm whitening

The safest and most effective lightening agents are the natural skin bleaching products. You would not want to end up irritating your skin or getting allergic reactions that could further darken your underarms. The best way is to use the Alpha Arbutin and the Kojic Acid.


Avoid wearing tight clothes, as it will cause further skin discoloration on areas near the dark armpits.


Friction between the skin because of flabby arms causes dark armpits. You need to lose weight and help yourself reduce friction.


Kojic acid is a byproduct of the popular Japanese rice wine called sake. Research declared that the Kojic acid has the right amount of properties to inhibit melanin production. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties may even be used on sliced fruits to prevent oxidative browning. The chemical compound is put into the cosmetics to help lighten the skin as well as reduced skin pigmentation. The kojic acid has the ability to decrease the melanin content of the cells located at the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis.






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