Is The Bio-Oxygen Facial Aging Skin Care Truly Effective In Treating Your Fine Lines And Age Spots?

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

The Bio-Oxygen encourages skin rejuvenation by addressing the fine lines and wrinkles or overall aging expressions through the introduction of most powerful, proven age defying ingredients. This revitalizing anti aging skin care therapy uses oxygen penetration in order to successfully deliver the advanced high performance cosmetic formulations to the living layers of the skin. This treatment is used to address deeper lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, acne, sun damaged skin, and acne. This procedure rejuvenates the skin by successfully delivering age defying products containing the most powerful, proven ingredients to address skin aging, which is a truly wow experience for the satisfied client.


Benefits of Bio-Oxygen facial non-invasive anti wrinkle treatment

bio-oxygen anti aging skin careThe Bio-Oxygen procedure addresses fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, deeper lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, smoker’s skin, and acne. The delivery of the advanced ingredients to the skin encourages the growth of the new collagen as well as the elastin fibers. It tends to maximize the hydration of the dermis, improves elasticity, and gives renewed firmness. This is considered as one of the best alternatives to Botox and fillers. One of the features of this facial therapy is its antibacterial effects that help decongest blocked pores. This means re-establishing the normal skin cell replacement cycle to address the expression of skin aging including acne. In the end, you see a gradually lightened hyperpigmented areas. Lightening of the skin tone is done by regulating the activity of the melanocyte. The overall effects of this treatment would be an even toned attractive glowing skin.


How does it work?

The procedure follows a three stage process.  The first stage involves delivering of the oxygen + other high performance cosmetic formulations in the skin. The second stage uses the Bio-Wand to massage the skin. The third stage involves the application of a prescriptive mask carefully selected for your skin type. The skin achieves a firmer revitalized appearance after the treatment. This is a highly recommended treatment for mature individuals.


Breathe life into your face

Give your face the plumping and hydrating effects of this oxygen treatment that serves to diminish annoying fine lines and wrinkles. We all need oxygen to revive and replenish our cells. In the absence of this luxurious healthy aging skin care, our skin cells would gradually deplete the oxygen. This leads to aging, thinner skin, and the appearance of dirty looking age spots. Having insufficient amount of oxygen in our cells causes the emergence of wrinkles and age spots. The Bio-Oxygen effectively replenishes the oxygen in our skin cells, thus making our skin look plumper and younger.