Grow Your Hair Effectively Using Bull Protein Semen

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

The hair life cycle of growth is 85% growth phase, 14% resting phase, and 1% in the intermediate phase. The length of the hair regrowth phase depends on the hair life cycle. Hair growth treatment should align with your hair regrowth cycle. Disrupting the hair life cycle of growth will result in premature female hair loss. To prevent female hair fall and loss of hair, you need to provide the scalp with the right nutrients that could stimulate the growth phase in a very natural way. This natural weird hair loss treatment potentially ensures a continuous healthy hair restoration and growth.


Bull sperm hair restoration technique

hair-regrowth-bull-semenThe bull sperm is the most natural maybe weird solution for most scalp and hair problems. The Hari’s Hair and Beauty Salon in the UK offers a £55 hair regrowth treatment equivalent to 45 minute bull sperm hair loss prevention treatment. The conditioning treatment starts with hair cleaning, and then, followed by a comforting hair massage using the bull semen. It was believed that the semen could stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Steaming follows the hair cleaning. The last step is blow drying. In the old days, people used to rub mayonnaise, bull semen, wheat germ oil, and ascorbic acid to encourage hair regrowth. The Katera treatment works on the roots of the hair to stimulate, revitalize, and nourish the hair.



hair-growthTo grow your hair, you need special substances to work on the hair roots. The bull sperm hair conditioning treatment has been found to be more effective when combined with the katera roots. The katera is rich in protein. Your hair, being made of protein, needs more protein to prevent you from suffering dry or falling hair. Definitely, a dry hair means lack of protein. The protein is the most important substance that makes penetrating the hair shafts easier, makes your hair look and feel softer and thicker. The salon uses the protein packed conditioning treatment to prevent hair loss. This treatment has been known as the trendiest hair and scalp treatment in London at that time, where women pay over a $100 just to have their hair coated with the bovine spooge. At a later date, Hari replaced it with keratin and avocado oil treatment because they are less offensive.


Aberdeen Organic Hair Treatment

The main ingredient of the Aberdeen Organic Hair Treatment, which was advertised as guaranteed to make your hair shine, is the bull semen. The $85 treatment takes about 40 minutes to complete.




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