Fruits That Effectively Help Whiten Dark Underarms

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

The secret to lasting beauty is knowing the right dietary health supplements and the best combination of anti aging skin care techniques in taking care of your skin. However, there is one very important part of the body most people may not be quite aware of giving more attention – the armpits. You should not overlook the armpits that seem to darken as a person grows older from years of using commercial deodorants. You need to learn how to effectively whiten dark underarms using the holistic approaches including correcting an uneven skin tone. In the olden days, especially at the time of Cleopatra, milk has been closely associated with the skin’s even smoother glowing appearance and young looks. Uneven skin tone has become an increasing headache among women, especially mature women. How do you whiten underarms that have been stained by commercial deodorant chemicals for many years?



Lemon juice and pulp to help lighten your scary dark armpits

underam-whitening-300x200Lemon juice, in the Philippines, is very popular in naturally treating epidermal discolorations especially the dark armpits. Lemon is the number one agent known to effectively treat skin pigmentation, from light to dark gray coloring, which are what you usually see spreading on your armpits, neck, groin, neck, and back of the hands. Although these dark armpits and skin discolorations develop as a person grows older, it doesn’t have to be the cause of growing social inhibition or beauty anxiety. Age spots, freckles, or discolorations are often brought by aging, but some were caused by nutritional deficiencies, elevated blood sugar levels, topical alcohol contact, sun exposure, and other damages brought by the free radicals. Your aging skin care whitening treatment is crucial in making your underarms look less dark and scary including boosting your self-confidence.



Drinking the lemon juice every day is also good for the health. The lemon fruit juice contains Vitamin C and calcium usually used among cosmetic products for potential whitening of your skin. Lemon juice has been used by many Philippine women as a whitening agent to treat dark armpits or plainly used as a deodorant after bath.