Shape Up And Take Control Of Your Sugar Intake – Reduce Your Waist Circumference Effectively

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Having high blood levels of glucose and insulin are associated with accelerated aging. For a lot of individuals keen on the effects of sugar on anti aging skin care, sugar has been seen as the primary reason of the accumulation of body fat. Sugar quickly boosts the blood sugar and thus our energy level. However, this effect wears off quickly and causes a person to crave for more sugar to boost energy again. The craving increases the sugar or caffeine consumption, thus creating a cycle of eating sugar or drinking coffee and tea as often as every 2 hours. Such increased sugar intake can obviously lead to an increased accumulated fat.



Prevention of skin wrinkling using a good free green diet meal plan

less sugar reduce waist circumferenceTo prevent this cycle, begin your day with a breakfast that includes some carbohydrates and protein. Limit your bread as much as possible. A bowl of oatmeal allows a more gradual increase and subsequent decrease in the blood sugar. This prolongs the amount of time you feel full. Eating a combination of complex carbohydrates and fiber controls the hunger even longer. Fiber taken with water or another liquid bulks up in the gastrointestinal tract, which creates the feeling of fullness longer. The high fructose is fast making you fat and sick.



Isocaloric diet

So far, the most popular isocaloric diet is the Zone diet following the 40-30-30 ratio. This means 40%carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. The zone diet pays very close attention to the quality of carbohydrates. The main goal of the diet is to avoid sugar. With less intake of sugar, the body is more effective in burning stored body fat.


The Dr. Atkins low carb diet restricts carbohydrate intake that makes the body go into a ketosis state. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body burns fat more efficiently. Both diets forbid the use of coffee because it negatively affects the blood sugar and insulin levels. Caffeine in coffee causes a thermogenic response, stimulates energy expenditure, and mediates a concomitant increase in lipid and carbohydrate oxidation.



Maori people

weight loss less sugarThe Maori is an indigenous tribe in the New Zealand known to be lean, athletic population who ate diets consisting largely of fish, taro, sweet potato, and fern root. When they migrated in AD 300 and AD 1300, they followed a Western diet consisting largely of sugar. In a short period, they became one of the obese people in the world. It is a fact that Fructose consumption has skyrocketed over the past 3 decades. As our diets became sweeter, we got fatter and sicker. Well, we all know is that obesity is an equal opportunity disease. Obesity doesn’t discriminate based on race, income, education, or social status.


What happens to the food after you eat?

Our body has a very unique way of stopping the withdrawal symptoms of food addiction. The cravings and the continuous eating habits of the overweight and the obese people are very prevalent nowadays especially with the consumption of sugar. Excess sugar causes weight gain that leads to obesity problems later in life. The inability of the body to burn the daily intake of sugar results in excess stored fat.



Sugar turns you into an obese person

sugar killsYour muscle is usually activated by a combination of sugar and fat. Let us talk about glucose, which is the kind of sugar that your body produces after breaking down the food you eat. The bloodstream sends the glucose into the liver. The liver acts as a storage and dispenser of glucose into your cells. Too much belly fat in a man converts the testosterone to estrogen. This may lead to a low sperm count and a lack of muscle. A study at the Pennsylvania State University associated higher levels of belly fat to feeling tired or exhausted. It is linked to sleep apnea and other hormonal disturbances. The moment you stop taking too much flour and sugar, they you are on your way to renewed energy and vitality.


Consequence of having higher belly fat

Belly fat has been linked to sexual dysfunction, sleep apnea, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and premature aging. Abdominal or visceral fat is the key predictor of so many dangerous health conditions. The waist measurement is even an inexpensive indicator of health than weight. If you are a woman, your waist should be 35 inches or less. If you are a man, your waist should be 40 inches or less. To compute based on height, take your height in inches and then divide it by two. This should be your ideal maximum waist circumference.


Reduce your waist circumference with the best anti aging skin care diet technique

Eat only 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbohydrates each day. You can enjoy about 5 grams of sugar per meal. Anything under 0.5 grams is not counted. The 6 servings of carbohydrates are only about 120 grams per day. Anything under 5 grams is not counted. This allows you to eat the carbs you love while keeping your insulin levels low enough to lose your belly fat. 1 serving is about 4 to 20 grams. 2 servings is 21 to 40 grams. 3 servings is about 41 to 60 grams.


Your insulin is affected by consuming sugar and refined carbs. The insulin controls the accumulation of fat. It is the primary regulator of fat tissue. Increased levels of insulin could make you fat and stay fat. Once the fat in the blood gets locked into the fat cells, they needed to be broken down before they can be moved out and converted into usable energy. The insulin prevents the breakdown and makes sure that the fat stays. Only when insulin disappears that the fat is allowed to escape from the cell to be used. Your insulin levels needed to be low to stop storing fat. The sugar and processed carbs cause a rapid and dramatic increase of your insulin levels, which makes your body directly store fat. Too much sugar consumption may lead to insulin resistance, which allows insulin levels to go up and keep them up.



High fructose fails the body to produce leptin. One study discovered the same about lactose or milk sugar. When leptin is produced, it directly contributed to a decrease of the abdominal fat. Without the right amounts of leptin, the body is being programmed to store fat in the abdominal region. The diet that stimulate leptin production include proteins, fats, and complex carbs. Leptin decreases abdominal fat by 32% to as high as 62%. The belly fat is the physical marker of consuming too much amounts of sugar. This is the exterior consequence of eating highly refined, processed diet filled with sodas and nutrient lacking food.






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