Eliminate Wrinkles With Nonsurgical Pan G Face Lift

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

The Pan G Lift is a non-surgical outpatient aging skin care face lift patented treatment equitable to the surgical face lift that involves a series of treatments to stimulate skin cells. The program is designed to stimulate the muscles, provide microdermabrasion, and ultrasound facial treatments. Its goal is to provide youthful looking skin without the surgery. The Pan G Lift involves three types of treatments, such as the exfoliation process, which includes the plump up and skin hydration. The first process, called as the Silk Peel, prepares the skin to absorb more nutrients. The second process called as the SonoFacial delivers the nutrients into the skin electronically. The third process called as the MyoFacial perform some exercises on your face and neck muscles using a mild microcurrent. This gives your skin more muscle tone and volume that results in a face lift.



The anti wrinkle treatment that addresses the facial muscles

Yes, it is. The Pan G Lift claimed to be the only aging skin rejuvenation treatment that addresses the muscles. If you want the most natural skin care program, then you should try this. As you age, your muscles lose its mass, which gives you a hollow and sagging face. The MyoFacial restores the muscle tone, lifts it, plumps it up, and gives you a natural youthful aesthetic look. The idea is to trigger skin rejuvenation with the following treatments

  • Using a SonoPeel water based microdermabrasion for hydrating, exfoliating, plumping, and promoting nutrient absorption
  • Using a SonoFacial ultrasonic delivery of nutrients into the skin
  • Using a MyoFacial mild electrical microcurrent stimulation of the face and neck muscles to increase muscle tone and lift

The Pan G treatment should be performed monthly. This consists of 20 one hour session for 10 consecutive weeks. If you have the desire to be beautiful and smart looking, then include the Pan G in your facial treatments. The result is an extremely natural looking face lift that includes volumization of skin and soft tissues.



Drooping of the soft tissue of the face, loss of cheekbone definition, development of jowls, sagging neck, drooping eyelids, and other fine lines issues could be taken cared of naturally by the Pan G Lift. You should not undergo the treatment if you have facial metal or titanium implants or pregnant.


Pan G nonsurgical face lift



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