How Do You Set Your Metabolism For Better Obesity Weight Management or To Lose Visceral Fat?

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Many skin nutrition studies and anti aging skin care research suggest that aging is significantly influenced by diet. Physiological and other mechanisms suggest that diet, exercise, and the mitochondria affects aging, where mitochondria has been linked to regulate aging. The mechanisms of the human body that delays aging and increases life are far from being understood. The mitochondria has the key to metabolic programming and resetting, which is a unique landmark of aging. Scientists found that Sirt3 occurs during calorie restriction. The concept of calorie restriction has attracted worldwide attention because of its ability to extend life span.


Are you still stuck with the same visceral or belly fat amidst your new anti aging healthy diet meal plan?

OCD free diet planAll the diets that failed you in the past such as starving yourself, counting the calories, gearing on new food choices by cutting down some food groups actually results in a slowed down metabolism. A slow metabolism makes it more difficult for you to lose weight. You can try to speed up your metabolism by eating specific nutritious food. If you want to truly optimize the burning of your fat, then start on resetting your metabolism rate. Get your body moving and start training. Eat and train – this is the secret to losing visceral or belly fat.


How do you heal your metabolism?

Get into a new eating plan that fully satiates your body and mind. Eat less to lose weight is not true. You will make your body store more fat in your belly to help you survive your famine state. This way, you produce too much hormone RT3, which stores fat in your belly rather than burning it. Your body then uses your muscles for energy instead of fat. Here are the steps to a good metabolic rehab


Unwind stress, calm your body and mind

Get your body out of the emergency mode by eating raw food, more veggies, and fruits. Stimulate the endorphins with easy to digest nutrients. Convince your body it is not undergoing to a famine state or emergency situation anymore. The right skin nutrition green diet meal plan can help your body fight stress. You may eat more to lose more using the OCD diet strategy. Increase your metabolism, eat all you want to eat, let your body go fasting at specific times of the day, and lose weight while maintaining your youthful looks.



The OCD Diet (Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet)

OCD fasting dietHow does this work? Of course, you need to know your body and your health. Still, the best way to maintain your well-being is to take on the right aging skin care dietary health supplements for women over 40. The OCD diet works best for you if you work well with discipline. There are three things you need to know about this diet



  • Stick to the plan for a week, change the plan for next to be more effective
  • You should eat less carbohydrates, this means following a caloric restricted diet
  • Eat less sugar


The OCD diet allows you to eat all you can without counting calories or fats. This is very popular in Indonesia nowadays. In short, eating well and fasting in a short time helps your body burn fat faster. There are two things you need to understand with this diet. Eat only during your Eat Time Window. Do not eat during the fasting times. People working on an OCD diet age less and are more energetic. This is the best anti wrinkle tip this world has ever introduced. This technically combines fasting and the Atkins diet.


Fasting Times: 16 hours, 18 hours, and 20 hours (do not eat)

Eat Time Window: 8 hours, 6 hours, and 4 hours (eat here anything)



Most effective diet time frame: Eat breakfast at least 3 hours after you wake up




You wake up at 5 am. Go jog and do some fitness routines, if you can. Diet always works great with exercise.


Eat breakfast at 8 am.


If you choose an Eat Time Window of 8 hours, you eat 3 meals within and only from 8 am to 4 pm. Do simple time calculations here.


Fasting Times: beyond 4 pm until your breakfast.

Rule: Change the Eat time Window per week to be more effective. Observe caloric restricted diet.