The Cells Within Us: How Do They Survive?

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Our body is made up of basic stuff – our cells, called as unicellular organisms. Our cells are the smallest living unit that is capable of reproducing themselves. How do we survive our cells? The glutathione is the main antioxidant enzyme that we find in all of our cells. Besides the ALA, it is the most important antioxidant that works to protect the DNA of our cell nuclei from being oxidized. The chromium helps insulin bind to receptors in fat and muscles. It also works to enhance the insulin receptors and reduce the blood glucose level. Taken with zinc or alone, the chromium enhances the antioxidant capacity of the body and the cholesterol levels.

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Grow Your Hair Using Olive Oil

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Ancient Indians and ancient Africans used olive oil to stimulate hair growth. Olive oil has been found to be the key ingredient of their hair treatments. Although olive oil was popularly used in aging skin care, it was believed to also help maintain a healthy, lustrous hair by preventing the DTH hormone production, which was determined to cause the hair follicle shaft to narrow. In addition, it helps treat mild forms of dandruff by promoting the health of your scalp through the action of its antioxidants. Massaging the scalp using the olive oil improves the blood circulation, which stimulates the follicles and in some ways produce thicker hair strands.

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No More Falling Hair

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Any woman experiencing stressful hair loss should seek care as soon as possible. The sooner you seek care, the better your chances would be in successfully treating your balding head. There were about 5% of women under 30 and about 60% of women over 70 who have issues about thinning hair. One very popular, simplest remedy that also instantly hides the balding patches is by altering the woman’s hairstyle. Women found using commercial shampoos daily causes thinning hair that results in a balding head later. Even if the shampoo labels specify it is designed to add volume or make the hair look shiny, daily use can still make your hair thinner. This observation is worldwide. The corrosive action of some commercial shampoo ingredients may cause the hair to become dry, brittle, and then, results in a gradual hair fall. Read the rest of this entry »

Metabolic Diet Plan For A Healthy Lifespan

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To optimize your health while maintaining or increasing your energy, you need to consider the anti aging metabolic balanced diet plan that provides a rewarding vitalized lifestyle being fit and healthy at any age. The balanced hormones and metabolism healthy diet meal plan guide is a unique program tailored to your specific body chemistry in a natural, sustainable weight adjustment with wholesome, natural foods, such as protein, low caloric diet, and green colored vegetables. Most of us struggle in resisting sugar, bread, cake, sweet chocolate, pasta, and fast food. Traditionally, almost all weight loss healthy eating programs were built on the assumption that individuals can spend the rest of their lives counting calories. In addition, learning to control your appetite is quite a pain because of your unique metabolism. If you want to grow old healthy, you should start understanding how metabolism affects weight gain, food cravings, and discipline in following your diet. Read the rest of this entry »