Plant Proteins Are Best For Weight Loss And Aging Skin Care

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Recently, the protein rich diet has been made popular by the Atkins Diet. Proteins take care of your tissues, help you lose visceral fat, and help you live about 16% longer than the average, specifically because of the effects of the sirtuin protein. Plant proteins contain less fat and more polyunsaturated fat with no cholesterol at all. The consumption of the plant proteins tends to decrease the level of total fat, cholesterol, and saturated fatty acids. Also, plant proteins provide soluble fiber that decreases the cholesterol and saturated fatty acids of the body. One study by Cuthbertson and Munro (1937) suggest that feeding of protein immediately after exercise converts or conserves the protein as an energy source. The postexercise feeding may result in the improvement of the glycogen storage as well as the maintenance of lean mass, which may allow the individual to continue the strenuous activity on a subsequent day.



Risks in taking high protein diets and healthy dietary supplements

Protein Sources anti aging skin careThe protein intake in any anti aging healthy diet meal plan is highly variable on a day to day basis, which may result in an increase amine acid catabolism. This may also result in the body’s higher adaptation of need of higher protein intakes. Any person who is taking more protein should note that this situation may be detrimental when the intake is being diminished or when stress increases the need for more protein. Take note that a greater deficit in protein balance may occur when the individual happens to have a moderate or low intake of protein again. In addition, diets of high protein need more fluid intake to excrete the generated excess of nitrogenous end products. In hot environments, the requirement of extra fluid may add to the already experienced environmental stress.




Some studies state that a high protein intake contributes to renal function deterioration, which is associated with aging. Nevertheless, there is no specific or sufficient amount of data that tells dietary protein is a causative factor in renal function deterioration among humans. No relationship has been made between the changes of the renal function with regards to the amount of protein intake. The study made by Kerstetter and Allen (1990) concluded that dietary protein is directly related to the amount of urinary calcium lost. This means that for each 50 gram increment of dietary protein, you lost an extra 60 mg of urinary calcium. This is caused by the direct effect of the protein on renal function. Even though some studies postulated the high protein intake as a risk factor in osteoporosis based on their determined calciuretic effect, more studies are needed to support this relationship.



Is protein playing a more important role when you reach 40s?

top 10 sources anti aging proteinThis becomes critical when your body starts to decline muscle mass by about 1% a year. The drop of your muscle mass slows down metabolism and may put you at risk for adding weight. Losing muscle mass may throw you off balance such as more chances of falling, weakness, and less able to recover from any illness or accident. To keep your metabolism as well as keep you feeling full, experts recommend taking plant proteins. The MIT researchers suggest that the protein SIRT1 gives a hand in setting the circadian clock of the body. SIRT1 is essential in many cellular processes, including aging.



Protein is made of amino acids, which are essential to the production of cells and tissues including the production of enzymes. High quality proteins refers to protein food sources that contain almost all the required amino acids, such as the plant protein. In our body, we have 20 amino acids that make up the protein in our body 11 of which should be taken from the diet because they are not synthesized from within the body. In terms of effective anti aging skin care and sufficient protein skin nutrition, the collagen and elastin proteins help build the connective tissues, promote skin elasticity, and give young skin the right texture and resilience. The collagen and elastin are highly popular in their role in skin rejuvenation anti wrinkle treatments. The depletion of these two proteins causes visible facial wrinkles.



The essence of the anti aging principle of treating food as a powerful medicine >> Getting to the heart of a healthy diet

protein diet anti aging skin careThe technique is to combine your protein and carbohydrate, where in every 1 gram of protein you consume, you do not consume over 2 grams of carbohydrates. For example, if you eat a meal of 7 grams protein, you should consume no more than 14 grams of carbohydrates. Choosing plant based proteins give you enough protein without the risk of increasing your cholesterol levels. The DASH diet may help you reduce your risk for hypertension. Finding the right mix of carbs, proteins, and fats could make you live longer with a well-shaped body.


For some people, diets with 30% protein are already reasonable. Diets over 50% protein are already considered as high protein diet. You need protein for growth, development, and to boost your immune system. To obtain weight loss benefits, you need at least 120 grams of protein a day. Increasing your protein intake may need the expert advice of your doctor. If you like to eat more lean protein, take yogurt, make breakfast with oatmeal, snack on a fat free mozzarella cheese, try a smoked salmon, or much on beans and nuts. Try avocado, it is great to taste, and even better for your hair and skin nutrition.





Here is a list of high protein foods

Turkey breast = Protein in 100 g = 30g

Chicken breast = protein in 58 g = 17 g

Chicken leg = protein in 69 g = 19 g

Chicken thigh = protein in 37 g = 9 g

Fish tuna = protein in 100 g = 26 g

Salmon = protein in 85 g = 22 g

Cod = protein in 85 g = 20g

Tilapia = protein in 85 g = 17 g

Cottage cheese or low fat mozzarella = protein in 100 g = 32 g

Pork loin = protein in 100 g = 25 g



Or try this list of proteins


Dairy products


Legumes (beans, lentils, split peas)



Whole grains



Grass fed chicken, turkey, lamb, beef


Why you lose weight when you take plant based proteins?

If you have more acid, you will store more fat. Eating more fruits and vegetables would mean less acid than meat, such as the dairy, eggs, or grains. Examples of acidic food and beverages are the meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, fish, oxidized oils, trans fats, sweets, sodas, sports drinks, coffee, black tea, alcohol, junk food, and many grains. You need to stop eating acidic foods so your body won’t hang on to fat cells and the alkaline balance of your body becomes healthier, which means an improved metabolism. Less acid means less fat and high metabolism. Have a balanced green diet meal plan and look younger while maintaining your ideal body weight forever. Live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!





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