When Do You Need A Skin Cleanse?

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Your skin mirrors your health, emotional state, and hormonal imbalance. First impression is important in any event of your life especially when you are shortlisted for a job interview. Your aging skin care treatments are most important to convey the essence of your health inside out. Your skin can tell people a bit about you, such as the way you take care of yourself, poor hygiene, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t you know that your skin is one of the greatest indication of internal health? Your skin health relies on nourishment and not cosmetics for optimal appearance.



Sallow skin

A poor skin coloring indicates that you have a waste build up because of liver malfunction or drug residues. Age spots or brown mottled spots will eventually appear on the hands, neck, and face. This tells you that you are having a waste accumulation in the liver. However, this is different from dark spots. The dark spots usually occur around middle age, which is also called as hyperpigmentation. Several causes of hyperpigmentation are trauma, medication, UV light and tanning beds, and estrogen. A liver disease, pituitary tumors, Addison disease, and the Hemachromatosis can also cause dark spots. A dark spot is indicative of your existing medical conditions.



Acne or uneven skin texture

Waste buildup from poor diet, liver exhaustion, stress, and environmental pollutants encourage free radical formation that tends to attack skin cell membranes. An over tired, malnourished, or dehydrated skin results in a blotchy coloring and uneven texture. It is true that no aging skin care treatment can replace sleep. Without proper rest, your skin will suffer. Lack of sleep can give you dry or dreary look. Acne can result from a breakout of pimples, zits, overproduction or oil, and irregular shedding of dead skin cells.


Wrinkles or sagging skin

The diminishing or altered amounts of your collagen and elastin proteins can result in wrinkling and dry skin. Extreme weather can create a flaky, scaly skin. The reduction in humidity causes dryness of skin. Psoriasis is the result of the buildup of rough, dry skin, where the affected areas can crack and bleed, and also feels itchy and sore.


Bad breath, puffy or swollen eyes, dark circles under your eyes, or crusty, mucous formation in your eyes is a solid sign that you have an overload of fluid wastes. If you have a skin disorder of dermatitis, hard bumps on the skin, and psoriasis, you need to have a skin cleanse. A skin cleanse can also help an unusually oily, scaly, itchy, chapped, and red skin.


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