Skin Underarm Whitening Ideas Using Lycopene From Tomatoes

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

Dark underarms are an embarrassment for young girls and women. Regardless of age, women would be prouder if they have whiter even toned armpits. Dark underarms reduces self-confidence and the opportunity for a woman to wear sexy sleeveless blouses or dress.  There are several factors responsible in darkening the armpits such as

  • whiten dark underarmsExcessive friction on skin
  • Tight sleeved blouses and shirts
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shaving using blunt razor
  • Use of strong deodorants or chemicals, perfumes included



One way to lessen the effects of excessive sweating is to sprinkle talcum powder on your dark armpits to ward off bacteria and perspiration. Always wash with soap and water. Try to wear clothes that are made of cotton fabric because the synthetic ones attract and accumulate bacteria.



What about the lycopene in tomatoes? Could it really whiten dark underarms?

This breaking news is not new anymore. However, young women who are in a panic stage trying to find a natural solution of their dark underarms would still want to hear this breaking news once in a while. Because our skin easily absorbs lycopene, it is easier to use the tomato in treating skin hyperpigmentation or even dark stains. The antioxidant lycopene is abundant in natural acids that allow the tomato juice to act as an astringent. This means that it cleanses our pores by effectively extracting the excess dirt and oil, which is also considered best in maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. The rich acid content of the tomato juice stimulates and treats fine lines and wrinkles effectively, reduces freckles and dark circles, and acts as a toner that refreshes and refines skin including the pores. Using tomato juice to lighten dark armpits has been perceived as one of the most effective natural treatments. It has been known to provide your skin a radiant glow by lightening any dark or dull complexion.



Shrink large pores using the tomato juice

Apply one tablespoon of tomato juice with couple of drops of lime juice. Remove after 15 minutes.

Tomatoes refine pores, help eliminate blackheads, and exfoliate. They are good in treating dry, blemished, sensitive, acne prone, and oily skin because they help restore the natural acid balance of the skin as well as lighten skin discolorations. Just rubbed on rough heels and elbows to clean and add tone to the skin. Tomatoes are fantastic to your aging skin care.





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